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Who would have thought Biggie was talking about Hiko’s dad in his Hypnotize song from the late 90s? Some interesting information was pieced together today on reddit and as it turns out, on The Notorious B.I.G’s hit song ‘Hypnotize’ from 1997, Hiko’s father was the man Biggie was talking about when he said ‘Pink gators, my detroit players‘. A reference to Hiko’s father who owned The Broadway clothing store in Detroit which was highly regarded as one of the best in the city.

Pink gators, my Detroit players

Underneath the photo on the wall Biggie actually wrote a short message as well:

To: Broadway 

The Versace Headquarters 

My Future Designers! 


da illest!

96 - until

The pieces of the puzzle came together when Hiko’s brother posted a photo on reddit of his dad and Biggie that his father had hanging on the store wall. Reddit users commented saying this must have been where the lyrics came from, and turns out they were right! His dad’s store was known for gators and other high end fashion in the 90s, and it brought celebrities from all over to shop there. For more on this check out the Hypnotize lyrics or the original reddit thread.

broadway biggie

Photo by Carl Adams

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