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Dosia was banned from Twitch earlier today for 7 days, with users saying it was from using too many repeated swear words. However native language speakers would tell you this is normal and not to be taken offensively.

One user on reddit explained it well:

“Dosia says a curse word basically 3 times per every sentence because they’re fun to say phonetically (especially in Russian), with no real context behind any of them besides the comedic value of his ‘mellow foul mouthed uncle’ delivery. He must’ve uttered ‘pidor’ or something amongst the thousands of other obscenities he says per hour.

Anyone who speaks Russian and has a spec of emotional intelligence can tell after watching for 10 minutes that he is just a mellow dude who likes to chill and comment on minute by minute action with a lot of ‘cyka, blyat and nahui;’ and that’s literally it. I’ve watched hours of his stream, and he never seemed abusive, politically motivated, discriminatory against minorities, you name it.”

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