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Guide by ‘t.’ on Steamcommunity

Before I start because this may cause argument, I consider myself semi-professional because I have won quite serious amounts of money in tournaments.

Now that’s cleared up, I would like to take it back to when I first started to play Rocket League. I was awful, I remember thinking I should drive quickly to boost on kick off so I have the upper-hand. We can all use our own imaginations for this one, the ball went flying in the back of my net every time.

As much as I lost games, I still played and played and played because I could see the potential in myself. I first started playing in season 2 but I wasn’t playing in competitive, only unranked. Ignoring season 2, In season 3 I started to play ranked and I only got to around challenger but considering I had just started I thought that was pretty well going. I used this as motivation, I would watch Youtube videos on certain mechanics, for example half flipping.

Before I knew it I was able to consistently do aerials and ground mechanics. Learning new mechanics doesn’t happen overnight and I want you to remember that before you try and tell yourself you’re not good enough to do something. It takes a lot of time, some people are gifted and have natural talent to learn things quicker than others so just because your friend has learnt to do it a few days or weeks before you doesn’t mean you’re not good enough because Rocket League isn’t just mechanics. You can literally get to Grand Champion without even being able to aerial consistently, deep that.

I was doing pretty well for myself, I had a good rank behind me and I was probably in the top 1000 players at one point, I know that sounds like a high number but I am far from jstn or Squishy and they’re top 10 players lmao. I have got 3000+ hours in Rocket League which isn’t actually a lot compared to others but I did stop playing a while back so people have excelled now. I entered a couple of tournaments and found myself doing quite well so I then entered more and more and found myself a team.

I had a couple of mates that I had found in competitive and we all started to play tournaments. We didn’t always win but we did get 3rd or 2nd, at worst 4th or 5th if we was having a bad day. This earns quite a bit of money, not a lot but when you’re doing tournament after tournament it does add up eventually.

I got to this level because I dedicated myself to Rocket League, I would wake up and play RL until late at night unless I had plans during the day which I couldn’t cancel. RL isn’t a game that always goes the way you would like, you will find yourself going through serious losses but that doesn’t mean you’re not as good as the opponent, you could be having an off day. Remember you’re in the same rank for a reason.

Enough about me now anyway, let’s get onto some actual tips!
Why should you do training packs?
In simple terms, THEY HELP!

Training packs, especially at low ranks are looked down upon because you never feel like you’re getting anywhere or you just use them when you’re bored searching for a game. I can promise you if you practice 20 mins – 1 hour before you start playing everyday you shall see BIG improvement in your games.

I know you’re thinking but that’s a long time and I really cannot be bothered, I agree it is a long time but try it out once or twice, see how you like it. The training packs are mainly made by HIGH rank players and even pro’s so they know what shots are good to learn.


By this I mean, don’t just stick to 1 pack, for example redirects because yes you may become amazing at redirects but what about actual defending? What about shooting consistency. You probably really want to learn how to do the ‘flashy’, ‘cool’ shots, for example a flip reset.

I would be wrong if I said they’re completely useless because they can actually be effective but if you haven’t actually mastered attack, defense, rotation, positioning etc then you shouldn’t be trying to learn something that won’t win you games. You need to do various packs, I shall link some below.

Awkward saves (by MooseTDI) – D3FC-A897-96EB-5735

Difficult Saves (by Llamasaur) – 3420-F216-ED7C-8011

Ground Shots (by Fresco) – BE6A-1460-F594-93A9

Backboard Clears (by HelvetiaGaming) – BFD8-CB48-D016-2DE7

Striking Shots (by KingRanny) – 45DB-9D08-6EB8-2D50

Speed & Proficiency (by Zeke) – 53DC-99CA-CAA3-963D

Wall shots (by PainxThriller) – FD5C-8C92-D02F-C569

Air Roll Shots (by Bismo) – B16C-8FDA-D26C-32FD

Corner Ball Clears (by Psema) – 5F9E-1AB6-1778-8349

Shots you shouldn’t miss (by Fickle Platypus) – 42BF-686D-E047-574B

Defensive backboard reads (by Torment) – 9F09-E4D3-EAB0-69AD

These training packs will help you a lot with general play. They’re not going to teach you how to become a freestyle king or someone who can do unlimited flip resets but they will help you climb the ranks.

We can all be honest and say we’ve blamed our teammates for throwing the game even when we made mistakes ourselves, everyone does it! If this is the mentality you’re sticking too then i can assure you you’re not going to get anywhere.

Remember, you are the same rank as your teammate for a reason. There is cases where your teammate may be genuinely throwing or just left the game and then it’s okay to blame your teammate but you need to figure out why your teammate got in the position he was in?

For example, You’re pushing the ball and I’ve just rotated back to grab some boost but you’ve missed the ball and now the ball is coming towards our net and I am about to be dribbled. I do have boost but they get an amazing flick over me, we just lost in overtime. You’d say i was the problem, right? Well read this again but slowly. YOU missed the ball, imagine if you had hit that ball, it would be a different story.

If you hit the ball and I’ve now got a full tank of boost and you pass over to me so I can stay in the play whilst you grab some pads on the floor and I line you up perfectly for a shot and you score, that would’ve been a game winner. Just because your teammate misses a save because it was a genuine nice shot, don’t sit there and violate him for it.

Watch the replay of games you lost because I can assure you from your teammates POV you’ve messed him up a couple of times.

Torment made a great Youtube video explaining this:

This video covers quite a lot of what I would say so give that a watch, even more than once to get your head fully around what’s being said because Torment does mention some good tips.

You should also consider your pace of play. By this i mean when you have the first initial kick off you should set the pace straight away. I don’t mean go around flipping everywhere, I mean make sure you’re first to the ball, make them panic. Don’t out-pace yourself because you won’t be able to keep up with yourself and you will continue to miss the ball which will give your opponents the upper hand.

If you’re still wondering what I mean by pace let me explain. Have you ever been in a game and just felt like you cannot contest because they’re already with the ball. Every ball they seem to be there for already and you’re wondering how they’ve got boost still. The boost is an easy explanation, if you’re not contesting the ball and it’s in your half then your opponents have no reason to rotate all the way back for boost, they can just go for mid boost and then continue with the pressure.

Try and turn this around, make sure you’re giving them the pressure and making them panic. If you’re really struggling to push you should just try it because you may give them a goal out of it but you also may give yourself a goal. If it doesn’t work that time and they do get a goal, on kick off don’t rotate back and stick by the ball and if they’re pushing to try and get a 50/50. If the 50/50 doesn’t go in your favour then you still have time to go and get boost because you’ve stopped the ball from going straight over you.

Game sense will win you games, it’s not always about who is the better player. If you’re actually thinking about what you’re going to do instead of just being a monkey and rushing in, most of the time you shall have the upper-hand.

If you’re looking for a free way to learn easily, I do suggest you watch Musty on YouTube. He releases very helpful videos that contain a lot of humor as well so you’re not bored whilst watching. I shall link a random one of his tips video’s below. Musty isn’t the only person who creates educational content. There is also many others but Musty is the only one who comes to mind at the moment. Feel free to comment video links that you find useful to help others.


I really do hope you follow this guide as it will seriously improve your overall performance in Rocket League. If you’re at a higher rank then it may not increase as much but at a low rank if you’re following this guide you shall excel very fast.

I also suggest watching Rizzo’s Road to Grand Champ series. He talks you through the basics of every rank and what to do to progress through them. Like mentioned earlier, at the lower ranks mainly focus on dribbling as not many players do know how to defend a well executed flick at a lower rank, even at diamond.

Guide by ‘t.’ on Steamcommunity


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