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TFBlade has been officially removed from the League of Legends Partner Program (LPP). Riot first put TFBlade on a probationary period back in March 2020 as they were looking for him to make adjustments in the way he conducts himself and interacts with others and his teammates. However it is clear now that they did NOT find what they were looking for and TFBlade is now out of the LPP until the next review in June 2021.

The letter Riot sent TFBlade

“Hello TFBlade,

As I mentioned via DM on July 27, 2020, your probationary period for LPP is coming up on August 1, 2020. Therefore, we conducted a comprehensive review of your League accounts, social media channels, and content. Overall we were looking for marked improvements from the player behavior issues that put you on your initial probationary period back in March 2020. You will also remember we did this review about a month ago, and issued a short extension to your probation to give you time to hit those standards.

After taking time to review, we’ve determined that there hasn’t been necessary improvements expected from our League Partners. Therefore, effective immediately, you’ve been removed from the League Partner Program including: removal from the League Partner Discord, access to League Unlocked, associated support on all of your Riot Games accounts, and will no longer be eligible to co-stream the LCS and Academy games.

Additionally, you’ll be prohibited as a guest on channels that are co-streaming the LCS or Academy until the end of the 2020 season. In June 2021, we will enable a review of your behavior and content to assess if reinstatement of these privileges is possible.

If you need additional clarification on the ramifications of this decisions, please contact our team lead who has been cc’d on this message.

Thank you,

Riot Games Creator Support Team”

TFblade Response

Note: some text was blocked by on stream camera.

“(blocked) examples of behavior and reasonings please so i can talk about it on stream, i think at this point i at least deserve that since this probation started for just calling a player bad in chat logs! thank you. I want to see what chat logs you guys are looking at so that I can (blocked) look at the necessary improvements”

It is safe to say TFBlade has some work to do if he wants to get back into the good graces of Riot and be a better teammate as well. The only update he has posted since receiving news has been a short tweet seemingly getting some anger off his chest. Good luck TFBlade, hopefully you can turn it around by next year.

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