Time for Illuminar to disband? Suffers another embarrassing loss

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Is it time for Illuminar to disband the CS:GO team? It is a question we must ask after seeing some go 0-2 on their past 4 matches recently. Finally losing to SG.pro who they were a massive favorite against and by some experts opinions should have won clearly 2-0, or even 2-1 worst case scenario.

But that didn’t happen. They suffered another agonizing loss to players and a team of a lower caliber than them once again. SG.pro managed to win their map of Mirage somewhat convincingly at 16-11, while Illuminar struggled with a 16-13 win on their map. With the decider being Nuke, and Illuminar being over a-350 betting favorite, you would think they would have taken this easily, but as you know anything can happen in CS:GO and they fell to SG.pro on Nuke with a 12-16 loss. Congrats to SG.pro on the win! Great performance.

Snax couldn’t hold a single angle with his AWP on CT, which usually is absolutely crucial.

– They put themselves in positions where they had to clutch 2v4 on T twice in a row and subsequently lost a round when SG only had a weakened buy left, with the chance for Illuminar to go up 13-9. It was 11-11 afterwards.

– Even after that, there were several rounds in which Illuminar just kept rushing and almost immediately put themselves at a two-man disadvantage.

– At 12-13, they took the risk to buy an hero AWP for Snax, while the rest only had deagles. Somehow, snax managed to find one of only 11 kills that round, leading to Illuminar winning an Eco.

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