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The new Fracture Case is finally here featuring designs from over 17 community artists-designed weapon finishes, and the Shattered Web Knives as rare special items that make up The Fracture Collection. Take a look below at the new skins, personally we like the new the AK, M4a4 and Glock!

Fracture Case Skins

fracture case skinsTo see full screen image of each gun, check them out here.

  • Item descriptions and flavor text for Fracture Case items are as follows:
    • Negev Ultralight: “It has been custom painted with a gray digital camo pattern and teal arrows. Got a light?
    • AK-47 Legion of Anubis: “A custom paint job featuring Egyptian gods Anubis and Ra, representing the balance between life and death, has been applied. May he tip the scales in your favor
    • P2000 Gnarled: “A twisted, alien being stretches from the grip down the slide of this hand painted P2000. From the dark corners of the infinite void
    • MAG-7 Monster Call: “It has been custom painted with a blue base and underwater creatures in the foreground. There’s always a bigger, greener fish
    • Desert Eagle Printstream: “It has been custom painted with a stark black and white design and finished with pearlescent highlights. WHITE_1; BLACK_1; PEARLESCENT_1;
    • Glock-18 Vogue: “A pair of eyes grace the slide of this custom painted, Pop art inspired Glock. “Look at me while I’m shooting at you!” “
    • Tec-9 Brother: “It has been custom painted with a brown and gold camo pattern and a T-sided agent beneath the rear sight. I’ll watch our butts
    • MAC-10 Allure: “A woman in teal, believed to be iso onna, stands before koi fish and crashing waves on this custom painted MAC-10. Beauty begets bloodshed
    • SG 553 Ol’ Rusty: “Originally polished steel, moisture has changed this weapon’s appearance. “Ol’ Rusty” has been stamped above the trigger casing. A rusty, trusty friend
    • SSG 08 Mainframe 001: “A high tech custom paint job of blues and purples has been applied. What secrets does _001 hold?
    • P250 Cassette: “A custom paint job inspired by video cassette packaging from the 1990s has been applied. Check the tape
    • P90 Freight: “Its custom paint job resembles a train car covered in graffiti. Art is not vandalism
    • XM1014 Entombed: “Entombed for millennia, this recently unearthed XM-1014 has been custom painted with blue wraps and Egyptian accents. Fit for a pharaoh
    • M4A4 Tooth Fairy: “A custom paint job depicting incisors, molars, and a chilling take on the Tooth Fairy has been applied. No one said the teeth have to be yours…
    • Galil AR Connexion: “Phoenix faction logos have been spray painted over its white and red base. They’re bringing in the big guns
    • PP-Bizon Runic: “This custom paint job features runes of unknown origin and a magazine that resembles a Gatling gun. Give ’em hell
    • MP5-SD Kitbash: “20 years of MP5 designs have contributed to this custom paint job, held together by duct tape, zip ties, and glue. If at first (and second and third) you don’t succeed…
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