Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella moves from CS:GO to VALORANT

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella is now attempting to go pro in VALORANT which competitive scene is packing up extremely quickly, sources told ESPN.

Several pro teams in the US have contacted nitr0, trying to make him a full-time player on their VALORANT roster.

The 24-year-old was the in-game leader of the Team Liquid squad that has won plenty of times including the IEM Grand Slam in 2019, winning 4 S-tier tournaments organized by Dreamhack or ESL during a window of 10 consecutive events and receiving the $1 million grand prize. Under nitr0’s leadership, Team Liquid sat as HLTV’s No. 1 team in the world rankings during their historic run in 2019, winning six S-tier events overall in 2019.

While not the first CS:GO player to make the switch to VALORANT, he is the biggest name to switch games relative to his most-recent top performance in the game. Other CS:GO pros like Spencer “Hiko” Martin (100 Thieves), Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham (T1) and Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom (Team Liquid) have also made the jump to Riot Games’ first-person shooter that released officially in early June.

VALORANT‘s booming esports scene has seen plenty of success recently, with last weeks FaZe Invitational reaching 180,000 viewers on Twitch as TSM and Sentinels played a BO5 for the championship. VALORANT is attracting lots of current and former CS:GO pro’s because how similar the shooting and objectives of the game are. If they can continue to take market share from Counter-Strike will be interesting to see.

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